Indigenous Goods Social Business

Social business cooperative of individuals and organizations that aspire to develop systems of sustainable production and consumption. It is composed of artisans, designers, investors, and consumers who work together to create sustainable value chains. This is accomplished through the commercialization and the upselling of traditional products from under-resourced indigenous regions. By respecting ancestral knowledge, using genuine raw materials in a sustainable manner for the environment, and creating scalable methodology, they are successfully adding value to cultural assets, thereby encouraging local development in a socially, culturally and environmentally responsible manner.

Country: Argentina
Industry: Development & Sustainability
Sector: For-Profit Company (Social Business)
Office Size: Very small (1 to 10 full-time staff members)

Intern Project Examples:

1 - Marketing and Writing Intern

The intern will work on key marketing projects to help promote the project and raise awareness about its mission and its products.  Possible projects include developing and implementing innovative social media campaigns, researching and proposing new strategic partnerships to attract new clients, analyzing and creating new leads for retail outreach in Argentina and abroad.  Specific project tasks will be assigned based on the technical and language skills of the intern and his or her prior experiences.  The intern will work alongside the small team of women entrepreneurs who are also excellent mentors. 

Spanish Level Required: Intermediate
Academic Background and Technical Skills: Candidates interested in social business, sustainable entrepreneurship, indigenous groups, women’s rights, design, and marketing and encouraged to apply.  An open mindset and an entrepreneurial perspective are great assets for the team.  Verbal and written Spanish proficiency are required, and advanced Spanish is preferred.