Puentes offers a truly unique option for your experience abroad.  We not only identify and coordinate your ideal internship, but we also provide a complete professional and cultural experience in Argentina.  


Comprehensive and Custom Programming

We have built the Puentes experience to offer an unparalleled learning, working, and cultural experience that is enriching and fun.  We are not just an internship placement agency or a language study program; but instead we are a full immersion experience.  From the Spanish classes that will jumpstart your language, to the internship and additional professional enrichment sessions, to the cultural events, to the comfortable and pre-screened housing, we meticulously plan and orchestrate the Puentes experience to maximize your professional and cultural growth during your time in Buenos Aires. 


Internship Focus

We strongly believe in the power and impact of a carefully crafted and thoroughly implemented internship.  We take the time to get to know you and your interests on paper and by phone.  We refer you to carefully selected internship sites with which you interview.  We ensure that the internship placement is approached with enthusiasm by you and by your future supervisor.  We then make sure that all internship expectations and objectives are set forth in a Commitment Form agreed upon by you and your supervisor in advance of your arrival to Argentina.  We visit your internship site for an initial meeting and a mid-internship meeting with you and your internship supervisor.  We offer constant support to work through any internship challenges or adjustments.


Professional Enrichment Component

In order to further your professional growth, we complement your in-office experience with one-on-one mentoring sessions.  These sessions provide you with important career advancing skills, such as resume building and interviewing.  The Puentes experience helps you to develop professionally both through your internship and through additional mentoring.


Cross Cultural Know-How

At Puentes, we have a deep understanding of the needs, interests, and energies of undergraduate students and young professionals.  We also understand the particularities, dynamics, and day-to-day workings of Buenos Aires.  Our life’s work is creating bridges between the two, and we are uniquely positioned to do so based on our extensive experience working with undergraduate students in both the United States and Argentina and coordinating internship and study abroad exchange programs globally.  We are passionate about cultural exchange and learning outside the classroom.


Meticulous and Cheerful Organization

We are highly organized, detail oriented, punctual, and ridiculously prepared.  We approach programming in a cheerful way, as we strive for perfection and the highest standard of professionalism in all we do. We believe in the power of partnerships and can’t wait to partner with you to build your Puentes adventure.

La ciudad mágica que es Buenos Aires. You can go abroad anywhere but living and working in BsAs seemed different. The people have a sense of humor and love for life that is hard to match. The vibe of the city takes you to another world… final word, no matter who you speak with they cannot deny that Buenos Aires is anything other than unique. Go!
— Calyn Gelinas, Miami University