Argentina Internship Portfolio

We invite you to explore our portfolio of the many internships available through Puentes in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Our internship opportunities range from educational and human rights nonprofits to healthcare agencies and tech companies - with many other industries and roles in between.  Each internship through Puentes is carefully crafted to provide the intern with meaningful work and close supervision at a high-performing nonprofit organization, government agency, or for-profit company.  Find out more about the Puentes Internship Methodology here. You can also discover Buenos Aires as a destination for your internship abroad, and you can learn what’s included in the Puentes in Argentina internship program.

If you have questions about these internships or if you do not see any opportunities which appeal to you, please book a personalized mentoring call with us or write us to tell us more about your interests because we are always developing new internship sites, and we can help find the best possible match for you. Also remember that we have internships available in Montevideo, Uruguay, too.

Once you have reviewed the portfolio of options, please share with us your internship interests, including an initial ranking of which internship sites most drew your attention from the Puentes Internship Portfolio, so that we can arrange interviews for you.