Terms and Conditions

Please read this document carefully, as these Conditions are provided for your protection and ours.  These Conditions outline the basis on which the Program will be arranged for you and the mutual obligations of you and Puentes Abroad LLC (Puentes).  By transacting with us via the website www.puentesabroad.com, you agree to be bound by these Conditions.  

1.     Interpretation:

In this document, the following words shall have the following meanings:

i.       ‘You’ and ‘your’ means the applicant who applies for a Program through us.

ii.     ‘We,’ ‘us,’ ‘our’ and ‘Puentes’ means Puentes Abroad LLC.

iii.    ‘Program’ means the internship at the Organization in which you are placed.

iv.    ‘Organization’ means the specific Organization where you do your internship program and includes the directors, managers, employees, representatives, and all other people within their control at the Organization.

v.     ‘Program Fee’ means the fee paid by you to us for providing service.

vi.    ‘Emergency Contact(s)’ means the person(s) whose details you have provided to us to contact in case of medical emergency. 

vii.  ‘Conditions’ means these terms and conditions. 

2.     Scope:

This agreement applies to all applications made by you with us for a Program. 

3.     The Services We Provide:

i.       The services (the “Services”) that we provide to you for the Program are an introduction and advisory service where, prior to your arrival, we use our reasonable efforts to match your requirements for an internship with an Organization.  We also provide you with housing, on-site support, and access to cultural and professional events in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

ii.     Please bear in mind that we do not have any control over which internship placements are actually available, what the requirements of you at the Organizations may be, and whether they will wish to accept you as an intern. Given the lead times involved from the time you apply to the time you arrive at the Organization, projects and staff may change.  We accept no responsibility for the accuracy of information provided to us by the Organization and forwarded by us to you or for changes regarding projects or responsibilities.

iii.    The Program Fee specifically covers the Services set out in 3.i. You shall be solely responsible and liable for paying any and all other costs and expenses related to your participation in the Program.

4.     Application Process / Program Fee Payments: 

i.       In order to process your application for the Program, you will be required to submit your application form, your resume, two letters of recommendation, and to make a deposit.

ii.     You must pay the balance of the Program Fee within 7 (seven) days of the time that you approve your internship Program.  If your arrival is within one month of your invoice date, then payment is due upon receipt.

iii.    If you wish to make any changes to your internship placement once it has been confirmed, we will use our reasonable efforts to make the changes, provided we receive your request in writing and there is sufficient time to do so.

iv.    We reserve the right to postpone the start date of your Program or cancel your participation, if you fail to pay your full Program Fee by the deadline as set out on your invoice.

5.     Cancellation Policy: 

i.       Cancellation only takes effect when we receive written notice from you.

ii.     Provided that you have not approved an internship opportunity, whether verbally or in writing, your Program Fee deposit is fully refundable up until two weeks after we have emailed the first internship Program offer to you. After this date, your Program Fee deposit is no longer refundable for any reason. It is your responsibility to ensure that you receive emails from us; please check all email addresses supplied by you to us regularly (including junk mail folders) during the application process.

iii.    If, after you have approved your Program, you cancel your Program more than 60 (sixty) days prior to the start date of your Program, you will be entitled to a refund of 50% of your Program Fee.

iv.    If you cancel less than 60 (sixty) days prior to the start date of your Program or after your start date, you will not be entitled to any refund of your Program Fee.

v.     Should you cancel your internship Program after changing the start date, cancellation fees will be calculated with reference to the original start date of your Program.

vi.    We are entitled to cancel your application at any time in the event that you:

i.     Fail to complete the application process by the prescribed deadlines;
ii.     Fail, in our opinion, to demonstrate sufficient interest in or have the necessary attributes to succeed in your chosen Program;
iii.     Have a criminal conviction for a serious offense.

6.     Accommodation:

i.       Accommodation is included in the Program Fee.  After your arrival, we will assist you with any issues related to your accommodation that may arise.

ii.     For accommodation changes requested even though the housing meets the set quality requirements, we reserve the right to charge an administration fee of US$100 and perform the change according to availability.

iii.    You must report any damage to your accommodation (whether caused by you or otherwise) to us at the time the damage occurs.  You may be liable to pay the cost of the damage to your accommodation.

iv.    Should you break the conduct rules of the building where you reside, you will be asked to vacate your accommodation immediately, and you will not be refunded.  If you are not familiar with the conduct rules of your building, it is your responsibility to obtain a copy from us.

v.     Subletting is not permitted in any accommodation supplied by us.

vi.    In general, you are not permitted to have overnight guests for more than two consecutive nights without prior permission from us and from your flatmates or housemates. Should you violate this rule, you will be asked to vacate your accommodation immediately, and you will not be refunded.  Please note that in certain accommodation, you are not permitted to have any overnight guests.  If having overnight guests is important to you, check the housing rules specific to your chosen accommodation prior to confirming housing.

7.     Airfare:

i.       You are responsible for arranging and paying for your own travel to the airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and for your return journey at the end of the Program.

ii.     We cannot reimburse or otherwise be responsible for any flight, travel, or other costs or expenses, which are incurred or arise as a result of your Program not proceeding or being cancelled, curtailed, withdrawn, or changed due to any circumstances whatsoever.

8.     Expenses / Internship Payments: 

i.       You are responsible for all of your personal expenses for the duration of your Program, including but not limited to, the cost of transport from your accommodation to the Organization on a daily basis.

ii.     You agree that you will not request any payment from the Organization. If you breach the terms of your visa by receiving payment for your internship, your Program may be terminated and you may be deported from the country in which you are placed or even risk a fine or imprisonment. Accepting such payments may also affect your insurance coverage.

9.     Insurance:

i.       Prior to your arrival, you must ensure that you have travel and health insurance coverage for the period of your trip.

ii.     You are responsible for checking the coverage provided (including the terms and conditions) and for ensuring it is adequate and appropriate for your particular needs. If it is not in any respect, you are responsible for arranging and paying for suitable additional insurance.  Please make sure you take the policy details with you while at your Program site.

10.  Visas:

i.       We will make best efforts to provide you with information to assist you in obtaining a visa to allow you entry into the country of your Program.  However, as rules change frequently and can vary from consulate to consulate, you are entirely responsible for ensuring that you have obtained a visa that is appropriate for you in the circumstances and for paying the costs of obtaining and/or extending such a visa.

ii.     You will not be entitled to any refund of any payments that you have made to us in the event that your Program has to be cancelled or significantly curtailed should you not receive a visa or due to the immigration authorities not accepting your visa.

11.   Travel Documentation:

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a full and valid passport which is acceptable to the immigration authorities of Argentina and which will be valid for the duration of and for a period of at least six months after your Program.  

12.  Inoculations, Medical Advice, Medical Emergency Consent:

i.       It is your responsibility to consult a medical doctor and / or the consulate of the Program country to receive information about the necessary inoculations and treatments in respect of the Program country within the prescribed period prior to your arrival.

ii.     You must bring with you any necessary/recommended medication or medical equipment.

iii.    You should also take reasonable steps to keep yourself in good health by taking any such medication and not participating in any high-risk activities that may compromise your health for the duration of your Program.

iv.    In case of medical emergency (as defined by us), you hereby give us permission to contact your Emergency Contacts.

13.  Physical and Mental Health:

You represent and warrant that you are in sufficient physical and mental health to participate in the Program and do not have any physical or mental conditions that could affect your ability to participate in the Program.

14.  Your Obligations to Us:

i.       You must comply with any reasonable request by the Organization or by us.

ii.     You must not enter into any direct negotiations or contractual arrangement for employment with the Organization during your placement. 

iii.    You will take care of and be responsible for any materials provided to you for your use by the Organization. You are responsible for any damage to or loss of such materials.

iv.    You are responsible for any damage caused by you or any of your guests at the premises of your accommodation.

v.     You are expected to adhere to our Program code of conduct. This covers, but is not limited to:

i.     Respecting the culture and beliefs of others;
ii.     Working responsibly at the Organization;
iii.     Adhering to the dress code requirements of the Organization;
iv.     Respecting the accommodation; and
v.     Not consuming drugs and participating in illegal activities.

15.  Force Majeure (events beyond our control):

We or the Organization shall not be in breach of our obligations under this agreement or be responsible for any delay in the carrying out of such obligations, and will not make refunds or will not be responsible for any costs or expenses you incur, if such breach is as a consequence of war or threat of war, terrorist activity or threat of such activity, riots or civil strife, industrial action, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, health risks and epidemics, and other circumstances beyond our control. 

16.  Termination of Agreement:

i.       We have the unilateral right to terminate, without prior warning, this Agreement by written notice (“Unilateral Termination”) if:

i.     You have violated any of the Conditions of this Agreement;
ii.     We have not received payment within 14 (fourteen) days of stated deadlines;
iii.     You have acted in any way to damage our reputation;
iv.     The Organization and we find that you are not fulfilling your obligations;
v.     Your behavior in our reasonable opinion, or that of the Organization, is considered to be causing danger, distress, or significant difficulties for anyone at the Organization or for us;
vi.     You have continually refused to carry out the reasonable requests given by the Organization or by us;
vii.     You abandon your placement by failing to give the Organization sufficient notice;
viii.     It is discovered that you have made a false statement or omitted a material fact in any correspondence with us or have acted in such a way that your actions are likely to bring us or the Organization into disrepute or to otherwise cause any other significant difficulties; or
ix.     It is found that you are consuming illegal substances or are found to be convicted of any criminal offence during the period of your Program or are discovered to have been convicted of any offence prior to starting your Program which you have not notified us of.

ii.     In the event of Unilateral Termination, you will be required to leave your Organization and your accommodation immediately. 

iii.    We accept no responsibility for any costs, expenses, or losses suffered as a result of Unilateral Termination. You will not receive a refund of any payments you have made or receive any other compensation.

iv.    We accept no responsibility for any costs, expenses, or losses suffered as a result of termination by you for personal reasons once you have started your Program. You will not receive a refund of any payments you have made or receive any other compensation.

17.  Security and Government Advice:

It is your responsibility to obtain and, if necessary, clarify information in relation to the political and security situation in respect of the country of your Program, and to take any reasonable action that may be required.  

18.  Waiver and Release:

i.       For the purposes of this Agreement, the term “Released Parties” means and refers individually and collectively to the Organization, us, our members, our employees, and our representatives.

ii.     You hereby indemnify the Released Parties against any and all liability, loss, costs, or damages (including consequential damages and pure economic loss) that may be incurred by the Released Parties as a result of claims or charges made against the Released Parties, whether at the instance of a third party or yourself, related to any injury, illness, damage, harm or death of a third party or yourself may suffer arising out of your participation in the Program.  

19.  Governing Law:

This agreement and the rights and obligations of the parties are governed by the laws of the State of Arkansas in the United States of America. 

20.  General:

i.       In the event that any provision of this agreement or the application thereof to any party or circumstance shall be finally determined by the court of proper jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable to any extent, the remainder of this agreement and the application of such provision to parties or circumstances other than those to which it is held invalid or unenforceable, shall not be affected thereby, and each provision of this agreement shall be valid and enforced to the fullest extent permitted by law to the extent consistent with the Parties’ intent as expressed in this agreement.

ii.     We may assign this agreement or any of its rights or delegate our obligations to any third party without your express written consent. You may not assign this agreement or any of its rights or delegate its obligations without the prior written consent of us. This agreement is binding upon and enforceable by each party’s permitted successors and assignees.

iii.    The waiver of a breach of any term or condition of this agreement will not constitute the waiver of any other breach of the same or any other term. To be enforceable, a waiver must be in writing signed by a duly authorized representative of the waiving party.

iv.    This agreement and any form referenced herein constitutes the entire agreement between us and you with respect to the subject matter contained and supersedes all inquiries, proposals, agreements, negotiations, and commitments, whether written or oral prior to the effective date. This agreement may not be amended or modified except by written document signed by both parties.

v.     You understand that this is a legal document. You hereby confirm that you have read and fully understand this agreement, intend that this agreement be legally binding upon and enforceable against you and your family, estate, heirs, and legal representatives, intend that this agreement benefit us, and confirm that you are at least eighteen (18) years old, or a parent or legal guardian of an applicant under eighteen (18) years old, fully competent, and entering into this agreement voluntarily of your own judgment.  You execute this agreement voluntarily and with full knowledge of its meaning and significance.

vi.    We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Conditions by posting the updated terms at the website www.puentesabroad.com. Your continued use of the website www.puentesabroad.com after any such changes constitutes your acceptance of the new Conditions.

Contact us at info@puentesabroad.com if you have any questions regarding these Conditions.