Tigre: Puentes Destination Guide

A pleasant getaway from the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires, Tigre is a popular weekend jaunt for “porteños.”  Located on the river delta, Tigre literally lives on the water. You can rent kayaks, take a boat ride, enjoy lunch by the riverside, and take a stroll along the riverbanks.  Tigre is also known for its local markets and varied merchants, so it is an excellent place to find handicrafts and gifts.


To get to Tigre, simple take the “Línea Mitre” train that goes from Retiro station, which is about an hour ride. Tigre is the last stop. Train times here.


  • Paseo Victorica: Walk around the gorgeous Paseo Victoria, a French style boulevard bordering the Rio Lujan with lots of green to lie around and comfortable benches.  A perfect picnic spot.

  • Puerto de Frutos: Go to the famous Puerto de Frutos.  It used to be the market where only fruits and wood where sold, but now you can find all sorts of craftwork, food stands, and souvenir shops around this market.

  • Museo de Arte Tigre: Go and see the magnificent Museum of Art of Tigre.  It is a fairytale castle on the Paseo Victoria (number 972) with great contemporary pictures and artists.

  • Bike: Rent a bike and ride your way through Tigre.  There is a bike rental outside the Tigre train station that charges by the hour or for a day pass (cash only, and you must leave an identification document to rent).  They will show you the available bike circuits to take in order to see the most Tigre has to offer.


  • Interisleña boat: Take the bus-boat the locals use to travel from island to island through the delta. The Interisleña ticket office is across from the Tigre train station, in front of the McDonalds (boletería 3-4, Grl. Mitre 345). The boats leave every hour until 7:30pm, and the ticket costs vary depending on how far you go. A highly recommended destination is “Isla Tres Bocas,” which has many options for lunch and offers a nice setting for walking around and is about 30 minutes boat ride on the Interisleña. Make sure to hail the Interisleña boat on your way back like you would a taxi!

  • Kayak: Take a kayaking lesson to really get to the see the delta river.  One option is with Escuela de Remo y Kayak, which is located across the bridge as you exit the train station. You can arrange the class in advance or simply go the same day to book one of their standard time slots at 11am or 3pm.

  • Canoe: Explore the delta river on a handcrafted wooden canoe.  The company Selknam offers two-hour tours with a guide. Arrange in advance.

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