Puentes Guide to Colonia, Uruguay

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay, is just across the Rio de la Plata river from bustling Buenos Aires, but it seems worlds away.  Its “Barrio Histórico” (historic quarter), which has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is constructed of winding cobblestone streets and colorful houses, reminiscent of the port city’s Portuguese roots.  


Colonia is usually enjoyed as a day trip.  However, spending a nice relaxing weekend in the area right outside of the main town is also enjoyable. Getting around is a snap since you can rent golf carts, or for longer distances - to visit Uruguay’s Carmelo wine region for example - you can rent a car on the cheap.  If you are interested in a weekend trip, we suggest checking Airbnb for accommodation options.


  • Shop at Grupo Artesanal de Colonia (beside the front gate to the Casco Histórico)

  • Visit the Acuario (Virrey Cevallos 236 and Rivadavia): Open from 2pm to 6pm

  • Hang out on the local beach called Playa Ferrando

  • Visit some of the numerous museums, many located around the historic plaza:

  • Rent a golf cart or scooter to zip around town: Remember your driver’s license to rent!

    • Dollar (Rivera 128); Thrifty (General Flores 172); Punta Car (18 de Julio and Rivera)


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