Downtown Coworking Space

This coworking space is located in a AAA category building in the downtown Retiro area. It offers entrepreneurs and professionals a first rate space at very low cost, with options for shared spaces, fixed desks, and even exclusive offices. It also has a large terrace and fully equipped meeting rooms that are rented by the hour. One of the hallmarks of the coworking space is that its doors are open to members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, offering unprecedented flexibility. This coworking space stands out for its excellent work climate, professionalism, and great sense of community for its members.

Country: Argentina
Industry: Entrepreneurship & Startups
Sector: For-Profit Company
Office Size: Very small (1 to 10 full-time staff members)

Intern Project Examples:

1 - Business Development Intern

The intern will develop a benefits program by identifying companies, stores, and services that could be of added value to the coworking members. The intern will research leads, hold meetings with new contacts, and make commercial agreements with these local businesses (such as restaurants, gyms, IT services, clothing, aesthetic centers, courses, etc). The intern will also explore partnerships with institutions that could help to attract new coworking members (such as universities, institutions, NGOs related to entrepreneurship, etc) and off a special membership discount to attract new clients.

Spanish Level Required: Fluent
Academic Background and Technical Skills: Interpersonal skills, proactivity, dynamic personality.

2 - Research and Analysis Intern

The intern will perform an update and expansion of the market study of competitor coworking spaces in Buenos Aires in order to obtain valuable information about the company’s current situation with respect to the competition. The intern will then prepare a report with a diagnosis of the market and with recommendations and suggestions for how to better position the coworking space in the market.

Spanish Level Required: Fluent
Academic Background and Technical Skills: Analytical capacity and strong research skills.

3 - Coordination and Service Intern

The intern will assist in the coordination and generation of content for networking events, such as lectures, courses, and happy hours, which are aimed at independent professionals and entrepreneurs who are the target clients for the coworking space.

Spanish Level Required: Fluent
Academic Background and Technical Skills: Responsibility and commitment to creating community, plus event planning skills.