You have the option of beginning your adventure in Buenos Aires with intensive Spanish classes that will jumpstart your integration into your new home country. 

If you choose to do the Spanish Jumpstart, you take a placement test and are placed in a class level according to your Spanish language ability.  The language classes are taught strictly in Spanish so that you are fully immersed in the language for three to four hours per day, five days a week during your language training.  The Puentes experience offers these optional Spanish classes in order to refresh and strengthen your language skills before you dive into your internship experience.  

Many participants choose to do one to two weeks of Spanish Jumpstart classes before starting their internships.  This allows a dedicated time for language and cultural adaptation (and for exploration of the amazing Buenos Aires sites), which can be very helpful to have under your belt prior to your internship.  

Living and interning in Buenos Aires was the experience of a lifetime. Through my internship, I was able to work directly with not-for-profit and school leaders across Argentina and gain invaluable communication skills. In addition, I participated in weekly Spanish lessons with a native Spanish Language and Philosophy professor, which I still take part in today via Skype!
— Sophia Perlaza, Lehman College