Puentes :: "Bridges" in Spanish

Puentes builds bridges for undergraduate students and recent graduates to cross into professional and cultural opportunities in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Our Mission

To provide a customized and meaningful internship in Buenos Aires according to your interests and goals.  To further enrich your experience with personalized professional development, engaging cultural activities, and constant support before, during, and after your Puentes adventure.

We achieve this through meticulous and cheerful organization, local knowledge of Argentina, and vast experience working with college students and recent graduates.


Our Vision

To shape global citizens who bring an international perspective to their spheres of work and influence.

My internship gave me the opportunity to learn about the work culture, the reality of civil participation, and the laws and policies of the government firsthand. While I learned about some of these things in the classroom, I didn’t feel like a member of Argentine society until I actually participated in it.
— Sarah Baranes, Colgate University