ON purpose

We seek to shape global citizens who bring an international perspective to their spheres of work and influence.

We build bridges between people, places, institutions, and possibilities.

We strongly believe in learning by doing and taking education outside of the traditional classroom. We know that a carefully crafted, highly customized, and thoroughly implemented immersion experience can help open minds and doors for new life adventures. 

We view the world as increasingly interconnected and interdependent, and we understand the importance of exposing individuals to diverse cultures, mindsets, languages, and methods in order to increase empathy and effectiveness in how we all conceptualize, work, and connect in our daily lives and in our futures.

We strive to be thoughtful mentors for our participants by giving them the resources and guidance needed for success, as well as the autonomy necessary for growth and empowerment. We help participants form cohesive cohorts, while also providing personalized support for each individual.

Our work brings joy, growth, and meaning to our participants, to our partners, and to our team. We enjoy partnering with passionate and loyal people and institutions who share our vision, purpose, and style.

We are laser-focused on ensuring that our work is impactful and joyful. Social, human, and global impact is the priority; we put our participants and partners first, our team second, and our financial performance third.

on style

We behold a dynamic and cheerful approach to work because each day brings a new challenge, a new project, or a new adventure. As multifaceted generalists, we are present in whichever hat we are wearing, in each day and in each moment; we treasure life balance.

We are multilingual and multicultural people who are able to flow seamlessly between Spanish and English and between Latin American and other world cultures. We celebrate diversity and sincerely appreciate the many people who help us realize our vision.

We are pragmatic optimists who love creative problem solving and embrace curiosity. We are profoundly patient; we deliberate thoroughly and take action confidently. We value open, honest, and clear communication.

We believe that perfection is the goal and is always a work in progress, so we strive to be proactive, innovative, and constantly improving.

We are meticulously organized, deliberate and purposeful, punctual and ridiculously prepared, and efficient and focused. We aim to always be capturing ideas and evaluating in order to keep on track and excel.

We see technology as an incredibly powerful tool for collaboration and productivity, so we maximize tech touch points in all ways possible.

We are interested and interesting; we ask questions and listen intently to absorb each person’s story. We are humble and lifelong learners.


“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” - Edith Wharton

The Why: We were inspired to craft a creed when we saw Automattic’s and their logic behind it. We view our creed as a complement to and extension of our mission and vision, to make even clearer what we aim to do and how.