Candidate Interviews

We have crafted the candidate selection process so that you have multiple opportunities to review the applicant profiles and provide us with feedback on your preferences.  In this way, we make sure that you are only accepting interns whom you believe to be an excellent match for your company or organization and the projects that you have available.


How we get candidates for you

Puentes partners with top universities, such as Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale College, to recruit talented undergraduate and recent graduate students.  Each interested student must submit an application packet, which includes his or her professional resume, together with letters of recommendation, a cover letter, or a personal statement.  Applicants then review our available internship opportunities and share with us their ranked list of internship sites that most interest them. 


Candidate Referrals for you

Based on the applicants' profile, their interests, and your site profile, we make an initial selection of candidates to forward to you for consideration.  For each pre-selected candidate, we share with you by email his or her professional resume and supporting materials (letters of recommendation, cover letter, or personal statement).  The number of candidates forwarded to you will depend on both the level of interest from applicants in your internship opportunity and on how many intern openings you have, which you will confirm in the Internship Description Form.  We ask that you reply to us within three days of receiving the candidates' application materials in order to confirm if you would like to interview or not each candidate


Your Interviews with Candidates

Once you confirm interest in interviewing a candidate (or candidates), we introduce you to the candidate in a separate email so that you can arrange an interview by Skype or phone with each candidate individually within two weeks to be able to determine if you’d like to have any of the candidates as interns in your office.  Typically these conversations are about thirty minutes.  If you have requested candidates with only an advanced level of Spanish or higher, the conversation can be in Spanish; otherwise, the language of communication should be English.  Please do NOT extend an offer, or a promise of interest, directly to a student during or after the interview; many students apply through their universities which also offer funding that impacts offer format and timing, so all offers must go through Puentes.


Your feedback on the interviews

As soon as you have completed all of the interviews, please share your impressions on the following form: