Internship Interviewing Guide

The following information is designed to guide you through the internship interviewing process. Please review this information very carefully in full before beginning the interview process, and then after completing all of the interviews, complete the Internship Preference Form linked at the very bottom of the page.



Based upon your application materials, your internship interests, and the criteria of the internship sites, we will refer you to two internship sites.  The Puentes staff will share with each possible internship site your resume and recommendation letters, and in the case that an internship site confirms initial interest in your profile, we will introduce you to the potential internship supervisor by email so that you can arrange an interview.

Upon being introduced by email to the internship site, please reply promptly (within 24 hours) to coordinate a phone or Skype interview with the internship site contact.  In your reply, offer the internship site contact several days and times as options during which you are available to speak so that they can choose.  Keep in mind the time difference between Buenos Aires or Montevideo and your current city, and kindly make yourself available during the workday hours in Argentina and Uruguay.  We ask that the interview be completed within one to two weeks of the Puentes introduction email to the supervisor; if you are having trouble arranging the interview, let Puentes know right away so that we can help.

The duration of the interview will vary, but it will typically last about 30 minutes.

In advance of the interview, do your homework and prepare.  Review the internship site’s website in detail, consider how your interests and experiences align with the internship opportunity, and make a list of questions you want to be sure to ask.  Your questions should show that you are well-prepared and genuinely interested in the internship.  Possible questions could include: What do you think are the most important qualities for someone to excel in this internship?  Could you describe the culture of the company?  What are the biggest opportunities facing the company right now?  What do you like best about working for this company?

Interviews will be conducted mainly in English if the role requires less than intermediate Spanish. If the role requires intermediate or higher Spanish, the interview may be conducted partially or fully in Spanish.



Each interview is to help you learn more about the organization or business with which you would work, about the possible internship project areas, and about the anticipated product or outcome for your internship. The conversation will allow you to consider if you would like to work with the internship site.

The purpose of the interview for the internship site is to find out what your interests are, what you want to learn, and whether they think you and your skills would be a good match for their opportunity.  

Be sure you discuss the timeframe for the internship and your preferred duration, start date, and end date.  Puentes recommends that you commit to an at least 8-week internship to allow sufficient time for adaptation, integration, impact, and reflection. 


After the interview

Remember to send a thank you email to the person whom interviewed you.  This is very important and should be done the same day of the interview.

The person conducting the interview with you will not offer you an internship on the spot.  The interviewers have been instructed to let Puentes know if there is a match and if they would be able to offer you a suitable internship experience based on your interests and skills. 

Immediately after you finish all of your interviews, please complete the following Internship Preference Form with your feedback.

Internship Preference Form:

Once we receive your feedback and the internship site supervisors' feedback, we will be in touch on next steps regarding possible internship matches.

Suerte and enjoy these conversations!