Well-designed and well-structured internships are a valuable way to expose you to new areas of work and to gain professional skills.


Customized Placement

Puentes customizes internship options according to your professional interests and goals.  Internship opportunities range from educational and human rights nonprofits to healthcare agencies and tech companies - with many other high-performing nonprofits and businesses in between.

Spanish knowledge is not a requirement.  However, the more Spanish proficiency and fluency you have, the more internship options there are available to you.

Based upon your application materials, we refer you to two internship sites, and you have interviews with each site.  The Puentes staff collects your preferences and the internship site preferences, extending offers where there is a match.  Upon receiving an internship offer, you have two weeks to accept or decline the position.  Once you accept an offer, Puentes connects you with your future supervisor to outline goals, expectations, and details for the internship.


Meaningful Work

The focus of the internship is a keystone project, which you lead and conclude during the duration of the internship.  The keystone project is designed to directly contribute to one of the internship site’s key work areas so that you gain real experience and know-how through substantial, mission-driven work.  In addition to this project, you are responsible for carrying out daily activities as required by the internship site.


Close Guidance and Puentes Site Visits

Your internship begins with an initial meeting to set internship expectations and project goals with your internship supervisor and Puentes staff.  During the internship, you have ongoing guidance from your internship supervisor in order to review recent and upcoming work.  As well, you, the Puentes staff, and your internship supervisor have a mid-internship site visit to provide a space to communicate learnings, challenges, successes, and goals.  This site visit is essential in ensuring that you are having the most meaningful and productive internship possible.  It is a unique service offered by Puentes.  At the end of the internship, you and your internship supervisor have a closing meeting to reflect on your internship experience.


Duration and timing

Internship durations are flexible, since we are committed to shaping your experience according to your schedule and needs.  Puentes recommends that participants commit to at least an 8-week internship in order to allow time for adaptation, integration, impact, and reflection.  However, both longer and shorter durations are possible, and we work with you to arrange the internship according to your preferences.    

You can begin your internship any day of the year.  Puentes does suggest that participants arrive on a Friday in order to have the weekend for orientation activities and adaptation.  Note that, if you are looking for a cohort experience, many participants undertake their internships from early June to the middle of August, although we have students interning year round.

Interning in Buenos Aires is the best way I could have spent the summer after my Sophomore year. The work experience helped me get a great internship for my Junior summer, and now I feel comfortable working in any Spanish speaking country.
— Scott Wise, Princeton University