Puentes offers many options for comfortable, pre-screened, and well-located housing during your time in Buenos Aires. 

Through our on the ground knowledge, we are available to help you consider, identify, and secure the ideal housing option for you.  All housing options are located in nice, residential neighborhoods, such as Recoleta, Palermo, Barrio Norte, and Belgrano.  Your Puentes housing includes bedding, towels, and internet access.  You can choose to stay with a local homestay family, in a shared apartment with roommates, or in a student residence.  Or you may arrange your own housing in Buenos Aires.  Just let us know your preferences.  We will accommodate accordingly. 


Housing Options Overview

Housing Option

Room Type


Spanish Immersion

Independence Level

Homestay Private Breakfast and Dinner Very High Medium
Shared Apartment Private Kitchen Access Medium Very High
Student Residence Shared Kitchen Access Low High



Fully immerse yourself in Argentine culture and improve your Spanish by living with a homestay family.  We carefully select families who share our enthusiasm for cultural exchange.  You have a private room, a private or shared bathroom, and access to shared living areas.  You are provided with breakfast daily and dinner five evenings a week, which you share with your homestay family.


Shared Apartment

Make friends with your roommates, while also enjoying greater independence.  You have your own room in a fully furnished and equipped apartment with other international interns and possibly young Argentines. These roommates could be from Puentes or other international programs.  You share all common spaces, the kitchen, and the bathroom with your roommates. Both males and females can these shared apartments, but not together in the same room.


Student Residence

Live with other international interns and students in a residence hall.  Typical university dorms as we think of them in the United States do not exist in Argentina. But the Student Residence is similar in that you are in a house or a building with other young people interested in meeting each other. The residence has double bedrooms with shared bathrooms.  You also have access to a shared kitchen and living area. 


Private Apartment or Hotel

If your preference is to stay in a private apartment or hotel during your time in Buenos Aires, we can help you with the arrangements.  Simply contact us, and we will provide pricing and options according to your request.

In living with a host family I engaged in an intensive cultural-immersion program where I was able to truly get a feel for the culture and way of life... I learned so much from living, studying and interning in Buenos Aires and had an amazing semester!
— Marea Hatheway, Middlebury College