Internship Oversight

At Puentes, we do not simply make internship placements and then step back; we instead step up to provide ongoing oversight throughout the internship to ensure that the experience is going well for both your office and the intern.



by the internship supervisor for the intern

One to two weeks before the intern's arrival, update the proposed project work for the intern that was outlined in the Commitment Form, considering any changes in business focus, project objectives, and timing since the Form was completed.  Then map out the on-boarding and training plan for the intern so that it is smooth, productive, and interesting for both the intern and the internship site.  Outline activities week by week for the training and project work so that the intern can hit the ground running upon arrival.


Initial Meeting

with internship supervisor, intern, and Puentes staff

Puentes staff will conduct an initial meeting with the intern and supervisor during the first days of the internship to review together the project work plan outlined in the Commitment Form and to discuss expectations and goals from the internship site, from the intern, and from Puentes.  We find that this brief, initial meeting helps to ensure that everyone is aligned and that the stage is set for success so that the intern can dive into his or her project work. 


training, supervision, and guidance

by the internship supervisor for the intern

Throughout the internship, the designated internship supervisor is expected to make sure that the intern has meaningful, project-based work that contributes directly to the organization's goals.  Additionally, the internship supervisor should provide training and ongoing supervision for the intern, including regular, weekly check-in meetings with the intern to review progress on project work, questions, and next steps.  We also recommend that the supervisor consider the intern's ability and interest levels on an ongoing basis, especially after the first week, to make any adjustments needed to the work plan so that it offers a great outcome for both the intern and the internship site.


Mid-Internship Site Visit Meeting

with internship supervisor, intern, and Puentes staff

Several weeks into the internship, typically at the mid-way point, we return to your office for a mid-internship site visit meeting, which is a conversation between the intern, the internship supervisor, and Puentes staff.  The purpose of the site visit is to provide an opportunity to look back at the first half of the internship and reflect on learnings, challenges, and successes and to also look forward to the remainder of the internship and consider pending objectives and goals.  This is an opportune time to make any adjustments needed in roles and responsibilities and to provide constructive feedback for the intern.


Closing Meeting

with internship supervisor and intern

At the end of the internship, we ask that the intern and internship supervisor have a closing meeting to reflect on the internship experience.  In addition to facilitating a smooth transition of the intern's project work, this meeting also offers a formal opportunity for additional mentoring on the intern's future professional plans.


end of program Evaluation

by the internship supervisor for Puentes

So that we can continue to improve the experience for the internships sites and for the interns, we ask that you complete the short evaluation form below to give us feedback on your experience hosting an intern through Puentes.  Your responses are confidential and will not be shared with the intern.