Expectations for the Internship Program

Puentes builds bridges to connect undergraduate students and recent graduates with professional and cultural opportunities in South America. The core component of the Puentes experience is an engaging internship at a high-performing nonprofit, for-profit, or government agency, with meaningful work and close supervision. The internship is complemented by personalized professional development, engaging cultural activities, and constant support for the students before, during, and after the Puentes adventure. Puentes seeks to shape global citizens who bring an international perspective to their spheres of work and influence.


OUR EXPECTATIONS for the internship site

  • Assign meaningful work with specific indications and expectations for the intern.  The focus of the internship is a keystone project, which the intern leads and concludes over the duration of the internship. The keystone project should be designed to directly contribute to one of the organization’s key work areas so that the intern gains real experience and know-how through substantial, mission-driven work, while the internship site benefits from the valuable, targeted work output.  The intern should leave the internship experience as more employable and with more career insights.  Please review our guide on Intern Project Design to get further insight into the type of work that our interns seek and can do.

  • Prepare for the intern's arrival by confirming the internship work plan and expectations via a Commitment Form and mapping in advance the on-boarding and training plan so that it is smooth, productive, and interesting for both the intern and the internship site.

  • Provide adequate supervision and performance feedback during the internship, with weekly check-ins with the intern to review progress on project work, questions, and next steps.

  • Participate in two in-person oversight meetings with Puentes staff and the intern during the internship: an initial meeting during the first days of the internship to review the project work plan and a mid-internship site visit meeting to provide a space to communicate learnings, challenges, successes, and goals.

  • Hold a closing meeting with the intern to reflect on the internship experience.

  • Complete a brief, online evaluation of the intern’s work and your experience with Puentes.

  • Have clear and open communication with the Puentes staff if any problems or questions arise before or during the internship.

Note that we do NOT expect for internship sites to provide monetary compensation for the intern.  Some offices choose to offer lunch or transportation reimbursement for the intern, but this is optional and at your discretion.  


Why work with a Puentes intern?

Organizations and businesses that work with Puentes interns receive many benefits. First, they will have an enthusiastic and skilled young person to help them complete timely and important projects. Our participants come from top universities, such as Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale College, and they are eager to put their great talents and energy to work.  Second, the organization will participate in a rewarding and comprehensive program that helps undergraduate students and recent graduates gain valuable professional experience, while becoming immersed in a new culture.  Our turnkey programming means that we arrange the intern's entire Buenos Aires experience, from housing, to cultural and professional activities, to emergencies and medical care, leaving you to simply focus on the in-office experience for the intern.  Third, in hosting Puentes interns you will meet talented young people who foster cultural exchange in the office and who could be future employees.


our expectations for the intern

  • Approach the internship work with a willingness to learn and to tackle new experiences with an open mind and an optimistic enthusiasm.

  • Perform assigned projects and tasks to the best of the intern's ability and according to the supervisor’s indications and expectations.

  • Respect all office guidelines, and have regular and punctual attendance to the office for the stipulated days and times.  (The work hours and duration of the internship vary according the intern’s availability and the internship site's preference, but typically internships are at least eight weeks, for 30 to 40 hours per week.)

  • Be dependable, work effectively, meet deadlines, and have a positive attitude.

  • Have transparent communication and alert the supervisor and Puentes staff of any factor that would interfere with fulfilling the internship commitments.

  • Bring his or her laptop computer to be able to carry out internship work.