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Welcome to the Puentes Adventure!

Congratulations again on your decision to come to Argentina! We are very excited to welcome you to Buenos Aires and to support you during your time here.

This Student Portal provides information to help you prepare for your travels to Argentina and to make the most of your time in Buenos Aires. 

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So that we can finalize the details for your program in Buenos Aires, we ask that you please complete these two important pre-departure steps prior to your arrival to Buenos Aires.  We are eager to make the final arrangements for your program in Argentina.

living in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a beautiful city, full of countless cultural and social activities.  The night life is amazing, the food is delicious, and the people are friendly and open to charlar ("chat").  Get out and see all the different areas of Buenos Aires, eat all kinds of food (including a whole Argentine asado), have conversations with shop owners, dog walkers, street vendors, etc.  Everyone has a story to tell, and if you want to improve your Spanish, it’s a fun way to go about it.  Walking is a great way to burn the empanada calories and the best way to know the city’s vast attractions.  Explore our Buenos Aires Insider's Guide on living and working in this fabulous city.

Calendar of Puentes Activities

An important part of going abroad is getting to know your new home country's culture, so we are thrilled to get to introduce you to some of Buenos Aires's greatest cultural wonders through your Puentes program.  Check our Activities Calendar and look for event invitations by email during your program.  We encourage you to attend each event to maximize this great city's offerings!


To help you further get to know your new home city, we are delighted to provide you with program add-ons.  You can pick and choose which of these additional opportunities you would like to do to enhance your experience in Argentina.

TRAVELING in argentina

We have curated the following Puentes Guides for some of the most spectacular destinations in Argentina.  We hope that you will be able to explore these amazing and diverse landscapes and cultures within Argentina.  We also require that you complete our Travel Form any time you leave Buenos Aires so that we can ensure that we can reach you in case of emergency.


The Puentes team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of an emergency.  We are your safety net in Buenos Aires, and we take this role very seriously and treat each emergency with great care and attention to detail.  You can find important Medical Resources here, and you can review our Guide for Emergencies.  During your orientation upon arrival to Buenos Aires, we will also discuss in great detail how to handle medical situations and emergencies, so rest easy that we are here for you. 


Argentina is the ideal destination for your internship.  The city offers an appealing and exciting lifestyle, with the country's diverse geography and culture as the perfect travel backdrop, while the professional sector provides wonderful learning opportunities.  We want you to get to know more about your new home country's fascinating history by reading some datos ("facts") about Argentine History.


Do you want to know the best websites for any and all consultas ("questions") that you might have about life in Argentina?  Then check out our Cool Resources.


Find the contact information for all Puentes participants in Buenos Aires from May to August in the Puentes Phone Book.