UBuenos Aires Internship Program Overview

During your UBuenos Aires semester study abroad, you can do an internship in order to gain professional experience, while becoming further immersed in the Argentine culture and language.  Through the internship, you will undertake meaningful, project-based work that is designed to directly contribute to one of the internship site’s key work areas so that you gain real experience and know-how through substantial, mission-driven work.  By working in Argentina, you will also develop additional cultural insights and professional Spanish language skills to help you succeed in future jobs in today’s global workforce. The internship is complemented by one-on-one mentoring sessions on resume building and interviewing skills, in order to provide you with valuable tools to advance your professional careers.  

You can earn 3 credits for the internship by enrolling in LAS 505 (UBuenos Aires internship) and completing the following:

  • at least 100 hours of unpaid internship work

  • a monthly log signed by her or his supervisor to attest to this fact

  • complete accompanying course requirements including a final paper, reflection blog, and internship assessment 

Internship sites are in diverse fields, including:

  • Business consulting, entrepreneurship, finance and banking, marketing and advertising, recruitment and human resources

  • Communications and public relations, hospitality and tourism, media and publishing

  • Community development, education and teaching, environment and sustainability, human and civil rights, law, public policy

  • Engineering, technology and web development

For further information, you can review the UBuenos Aires Internship Program presentation. You can also watch the ten minute recording of the informational webinar below:



STEP 1 - APPLICATION PACKET (due by March 25)

Submit your initial information and professional resume (in English or Spanish) through the brief Application Form found at the link below.  

In addition to completing the Application Form, please also send us your personal statement. The personal statement should simply introduce yourself, explain your internship interests and objectives, and tell why you are a compelling candidate for the type of internship which you seek.  The statement should be written for a general audience so that it can be shared with different types of internships to which you will be referred. 


After submitting the Application Form, you will be given access to the Puentes Applicant Portal, which hosts the Puentes Internship Portfolio with detailed descriptions of all of the internship opportunities available through Puentes. We ask that you review the Internship Portfolio and share with us your internship interests through the form on the Applicant Portal, including an initial ranking of which internship sites most excite you, so that we can help to find the ideal internship placement for you.



Based upon your application materials, your internship interests, and the criteria of the internship sites, you will be referred to two internship sites.  You will have a phone or Skype interview with each site.  In these conversations, the internship sites will get to know more about you, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions.  

After the interviews, the Puentes staff will collect your preferences and the internship site preferences.  Offers will be extended where there is a match in preferences.  Upon receiving an internship offer, you will have two weeks to accept or decline the position. When you accept an offer, Puentes will connect you with your future supervisor to complete a Commitment Form to outline goals, expectations, and details for the internship.  


If at any time during the application process you would like to have a one-on-one phone conversation with Puentes staff, please click on the link below to sign up for a conversation so that we can tell you more about our program and discuss internship choices for you. This phone conversation is optional, but many applicants find it to be a helpful opportunity to define their internship possibilities through Puentes.  

Note that University of Miami students do NOT have to pay the program deposit or fee that is mentioned on the Applicant Portal, and UM applicants can simply submit the personal statement in place of the recommendation letters in order to simplify the requirements.

We look forward to coordinating your internship and professional development experience in Buenos Aires!