Letters of Recommendation

Please submit two letters of recommendation (in English or Spanish) by sharing the Request for Letter of Recommendation with your recommenders, who can be former or current professors, mentors, or professional supervisors.  We suggest that you ask people who know you well and can speak to your professional and academic skills and potential. You will be notified once your recommenders submit letters for you. These letters are sent together with your resume to possible internship sites so that they can determine if they would like to interview you.

UPDATE ON RECOMMENDATION LETTERS! To help ease the application process, we are now requiring just one letter of recommendation, instead of two.  If you would still like to submit more than one letter of recommendation, you are of course welcome to do so.  Your recommender can submit the letter through our online form.  Alternatively, in place of the recommendation letter, we are also now accepting a one page personal statement.  The personal statement should simply introduce yourself, explain your internship interests and objectives, and explain why are a compelling candidate for the type of internship which you seek.  The statement should be written for a general audience so that it can be shared with different types of internships to which you will be referred.  If you would like to submit a personal statement, you can do so by uploading it here.

Program Deposit

The US$300 program deposit is also due at this time.  Remember that, if you do not approve an internship placement within two weeks of receiving your first internship offer, your deposit will be fully refunded. We ask that the balance of the program fee be paid once you confirm your internship placement and participation in the Puentes program.