Before, during, and after your Puentes experience, our staff is dedicated to making your adventure with us enjoyable and meaningful.  


Pre-Departure Preparation

In advance of your departure for Buenos Aires, we provide a packet of information to help you prepare for your travels and life in Buenos Aires.  The Puentes staff is also available to have personal pre-departure phone calls with you and/or your parents in order to assist with any questions.


Welcome Orientation

Upon your arrival to Buenos Aires, you are welcomed at the airport by Puentes staff and transported to your Buenos Aires home.  The Puentes staff helps you settle in and provides you with a welcome packet with important Buenos Aires information, maps, a local transportation card, and a local cell phone SIM card.  Next a “Mate de Bienvenida” (Welcome Tea) is held to tell you all about Buenos Aires and the Puentes program.  You also go on a city tour to see the stunning sights of Buenos Aires and start to get to know your new home city.


On-Site Support

The Puentes team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the ground, in person in Buenos Aires.  You also have regular, scheduled contact in person with the Puentes staff in Buenos Aires through professional development sessions, the internship site visits, and cultural programming.  Puentes helps work through any adjustments to Buenos Aires or to your internship.


Lasting Impact

Your Puentes experience doesn’t end in Buenos Aires.  After completing your Puentes adventure, you join the network of Puentes alumni.  You will continue to be supported through the mentorship of the Puentes staff.  You will be eligible to receive letters of recommendation from Puentes for your future professional and academic endeavors.  We are committed to continuing to build bridges for your future.


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