Program Overview

✈️ Orientation and city tour

Upon your arrival to Buenos Aires, you will participate in a Welcome Orientation with the Puentes staff to tell you all about Buenos Aires and the Yale-coordinated International Internships Program in Argentina. You will be provided with a Welcome Packet, including Buenos Aires maps, a local public transportation card, and local cell phone SIM card. During your arrival week, you also go on a city tour to see the stunning sights of Buenos Aires and start to get to know your new home city.

👩🏼‍💻 Internship

The core component of the Yale-Puentes experience is an engaging internship at a high-performing nonprofit or business in Buenos Aires, in which you undertake meaningful work with close supervision

🤹🏼‍♂️ professional speakers and receptions

During your time in Buenos Aires, Puentes will regularly host exclusive “Puentes Presenta” talks with local leaders in their fields. Through these seminar style meetings held in offices throughout Buenos Aires, you will learn from the professional experiences of the heads of nonprofits, government agencies, and businesses, and you will have the chance to ask questions and network.  Two such professional networking opportunities with Yale Alumni in Argentina will be a Welcome Reception during the week of May 28 and a Closing Reception during the week of July 23.  We highly encourage you to attend each of these fascinating events.

🏛 Cultural Immersion

Buenos Aires is a beautiful city, full of countless cultural and social activities. Buenos Aires’s cultural offerings are an integral backdrop to your internship abroad experience. You will be invited to enjoy a day trip to an “estancia” (Argentine ranch), which is partially subsidized by Yale. And through Puentes, you will also be invited to additional, optional outings in Buenos Aires.

🗣 Spanish Jumpstart (optional)

You have the option of beginning your adventure in Buenos Aires with one to two weeks of intensive Spanish classes that will jumpstart your integration into your new home country. If you choose to do the Spanish Jumpstart, you will take a placement test on the Monday after your arrival and will be placed in a class according to your Spanish level. The language classes are taught strictly in Spanish so that you are fully immersed in the language for four hours per day, five days a week during your language training.  Spanish Jumpstart has a cost of US$250 per week.  If you opt to do Spanish Jumpstart, please plan your flights and internship dates accordingly.

🏘 HOUSINg (Optional)

If you would like to simplify your travel planning, we can arrange your housing so that you will be settled into comfortable, pre-screened, and well-located accommodations during your time in Buenos Aires.  You can choose from a homestay, shared apartment, or student residence. All Puentes housing includes bedding, towels, weekly cleaning, and Wi-Fi access. To help you select the best housing option for you, we have created a Housing Guide. The homestay is US$250 per week, the shared apartment is US$220 per week, and the student residence is US$200 per week. 

📞 On-Site Support

The Puentes team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the ground, in person in Buenos Aires. You also have regular, scheduled contact in person with the Puentes staff in Buenos Aires through the internship site visits, professional development sessions, and cultural programming.