Program Overview

Through your semester study abroad, you will get to learn about exciting new academic topics in the classroom.  Outside of the classroom, you will dive into the cultural offerings of Buenos Aires and get to know your Argentine hosts at your homestay.  We will also provide constant support before and during your semester. 

Airport Pick Up and Welcome Orientation

Upon your arrival to Buenos Aires, you will be welcomed at the airport by our driver and transported to your new home. You will participate in a Welcome Orientation with the Puentes staff to tell you all about Argentina and the Puentes program. You will be provided with a Welcome Packet, including a local public transportation card and local cell phone SIM card. During your first days in Argentina, you also go on a city tour to see the stunning sights of your new home city.

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During your semester in Buenos Aires, you will have the chance to learn about new academic topics through your coursework at the Universidad Católica Argentina. Your new home university is located in the lovely Puerto Madero neighborhood and has state of the art facilities and excellent professors. You can view the Fact Sheet with details on the semester program on the UCA website


Outside of the classroom you will also have an excellent opportunity to engage with the community and grow professionally through the optional internship component of your program. Through the part-time internship, you will undertake meaningful, project-based work that is designed to directly contribute to one of the internship site’s key work areas so that you gain real experience and know-how through substantial, mission-driven work.


Cultural Immersion

Argentina is a beautiful country, full of countless cultural and social activities. The cultural offerings are an integral backdrop to your study abroad experience. As part of your program, you will do several cultural activities in the city of Buenos Aires, including a tango lesson, a graffiti your, and guided tours of notable museums.

You will also venture outside of the city so that you can get to know more of the vibrant country that is Argentina. You will go to an “estancia” (ranch) in the Pampas region outside of Buenos Aires to ride horses, eat an Argentine “asado” (barbecue), experience folk music and dance, and watch cowboys compete in their games on horseback.  We will also go on a day trip to Tigre and will ride the vintage mahogany boats through the inter-connected rivers and streams and visit the “Puerto de Frutos” (handicrafts fair). 

Estancia Day Trip 6.jpg

excursion to IGUAZU FALLS

You will also go on an overnight excursion to Iguazú Falls.  Taller than Niagara Falls and four times as wide, Iguazú Falls is a massive collection of waterfalls that offer an unforgettable experience and a spectacle of nature. You will be exploring Iguazú with a group of other international students during a three-day excursion.



You will be housed in a homestay with an Argentine host in Buenos Aires in a nice, residential neighborhood, such as Recoleta or Palermo. Your housing includes bedding, towels, and Wi-Fi access.  You will have your own bedroom and share all common spaces with your Argentine host family.  You will join your Argentine hosts for dinner five nights a week from Monday to Friday, and your breakfast is included daily.


On-Site Support

The Puentes team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the ground, in person. You also have regular, scheduled contact in person with the Puentes staff through the orientation, internship site visits, professional development sessions, and cultural programming. We are here for any general inquiries that you have, as well as for any emergencies.

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Lasting Impact

Your Puentes experience doesn’t end in Argentina. After completing your Puentes adventure, you will join the Puentes Alumni Network. You will continue to be supported via the mentorship of the Puentes staff. We are committed to continuing to build bridges for your future.

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