Pre-Departure Steps

Please complete the following three forms at least two months before your arrival to Argentina.  If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to us any time by phone or email.



As you book your flights, we suggest that you arrive to Buenos Aires on a Friday morning to allow you time to settle in to your housing and do program orientation activities over the weekend before beginning your internship (or Spanish Jumpstart classes) on a Monday. Your exact internship start and end dates are decided by your internship supervisor and you. Keep in mind that most flights from the U.S. to Argentina are overnight, departing from the U.S. in the evening and arriving to Argentina the next morning to the Buenos Aires Ezeiza international airport (airport code EZE). 


1. pre-departure form

To help us prepare for your arrival, please take a few minutes to complete the Pre-Departure Information Request Form by clicking the button below. The form also includes important information and tips to help you prepare for your time in Argentina, so please read it carefully.


2. Commitment Form

We will send to you by email a link to a Commitment Form, which we ask you to complete together with your internship supervisor.  The Commitment Form includes information on expected dates for the internship and anticipated project work and outcomes.  We want to ensure that your work plan and internship expectations are clearly defined in advance of your arrival to Argentina so that you can hit the ground running when you land here and dive into your internship experience.


3. Code of Conduct

We believe that some simple rules and guidelines can go a long way to set a great tone for your Puentes experience.  Please take a minute to review and agree to the Puentes Participant Code of Conduct.



Notify your credit and debit card banks about the dates during which you will be out of the country so that you will not be flagged for fraudulent activities.

Leave the Puentes contact information with your family or point of contact.

Pack your passport and any other important travel documentation in your carry on bag (not in your checked bag).


Packing Suggestions:

  1. Clothes for winter, including layers and rain gear
  2. Prescription medication (more than enough for your entire stay in Argentina)
  3. Preferred toiletries (if you use tampons with applicators, those are hard to find here)
  4. Debit card, credit card, some US dollars in cash (perhaps US$400 in US$100 bills; no need to bring Argentine pesos since you can withdraw them from ATMs upon arrival) 
  5. Laptop and electronics (careful with hair dryers and hair straighteners; in Argentina the standard voltage is 220 V and the frequency is 50 Hz)
  6. Medical certificate if you plan to join a gym
  7. Suitcase lock to store any valuables while traveling
  8. Foods you simply cannot live without

No need to pack towels or sheets; your housing provides them.  We also recommend that you do not bring any expensive or irreplaceable jewelry or personal items.


Additional Note on Reciprocity Entrance Fee and Visas:

As of March 2016, the Reciprocity Entrance Fee for US citizens has been suspended. Thus, if you are traveling with your US passport and staying no longer than 90 days, you can simply enter Argentina as a tourist without a visa. If you are entering Argentina on a passport from a country other then the US, please contact us right away so that we can check on any visa requirements for your time in Argentina.