PAE seeks talented students to undertake the following internship projects in its Buenos Aires office during the months of June and July 2018.  


➔ Downstream Value Stream Mapping

The refinery value chain of AXION Energy, which is a PAE subsidiary, is integrated by complex activities, with many interrelated areas.  Although processes are currently defined and documented, there is an interesting opportunity to develop a high-level process map to provide a holistic view of the product flow, from the crude arrival at the refinery to the final delivery at service stations.  Thus, the intern will develop end-to-end mapping of downstream processes, at different levels of detail, from an enterprise view (level 0) to a business process view (level 3).  The maps will provide quick and easy visualization of the current refinery processes in order to identify key areas’ interactions.

Intern responsibilities:

  • Read relevant information, including scientific papers and internal procedures, and interact with process specialists.
  • Research industry-specific process frameworks.
  • Determine and collect relevant indicators in order to complete the analysis.
  • Generate a complete final report including maps, descriptions, and key performance indicators.

Background required: Chemical or industrial engineer.  Process mapping (including specific software such as ARIS) and refinery operations knowledge and experience are highly recommended.


➔ Motor Fuels Retail Trends

PAE’s subsidiary AXION Energy has embarked on an expansion course that involves investments in crude refining capacity, quality improvement in its product portfolio, and growth in its service station network.  The oil and gas market in Argentina has been suffering considerable changes because, in the past months, deregulation in crude oil markets has increased pressure on refining and commercial margins, while there have also been major innovations in energy sources.  Thus, the future profitability model for a standard motor fuels service station needs to be reanalyzed, considering benchmarks, best practices, and successful models applied in other regions.  The intern will develop a business analysis presentation, including topics such as the evolution of the motor fuels retail model in other countries, best practices applied to service station operations by international competitors, trends in convenience retailing models, and an analysis of sources of revenue and profitability. 

Intern responsibilities:

  • Search related information in the web.
  • Select relevant data and analyze relevance to Argentina’s and AXION’s realities.
  • Provide insights, conclusion, and trends in a business analysis presentation.

Background required: Business administration.


➔ Customer Experience

PAE subsidiary AXION Energy is developing a customer experience strategy.  The intern will develop internal presentations to share global trends in customer experience and examples of innovative campaigns that collect consumer experiences and generate databases.

Intern responsibilities:

  • Research different global and local customer experience surveys and campaigns.
  • Work with other areas and external agencies of AXION to define the most appropriate customer experience campaign to be implemented locally.
  • Define resources and an implementation timeline for the customer experience campaign.

Background required: Students interested in marketing.


➔ Quality Value Stream Mapping

AXION Energy, a subsidiary of PAE, is executing the Campana Refinery Expansion Project in order to increase the capacity from 90 to 130 KBPD.  The following new units are being erected: Delayed Coker Unit (DCU), Diesel Hydro treating Unit (DHT), Fuel Gas Treatment Unit (FGT), Utilities and Offsite.  The company must make sure that all materials, equipment, and construction fulfill the requirements and specification for a safe Turn Over and Operation of its new units.  The intern will work towards ensuring quality control in the different stages of the Expansion Project, including the material requisition, evaluation of the technical offers in order to meet minimum quality requirements, monitoring the equipment and piping fabrication, tracing the material from its reception, monitoring and controlling on-site activities (such as civil works, piping, and equipment erection), and doing hydro and pneumatic testing.

Intern responsibilities:

  • Provide support and review of the MRs, ensuring that quality requirements established for the project are met.
  • Follow up on piping and equipment fabrication.
  • Follow up on daily field activities according to the pre-established controls in the inspection and testing plan.

Background required: Mechanical, electrical, or metallurgic engineer.  Quality control or inspection experience is highly recommended.


➔ Reliability Strategy

One of the core values of PAE’s subsidiary AXION Energy is operational reliability, with the goal of maximizing profit, so a new Reliability Strategy Model is being designed and implemented.  The intern will develop a reliability scorecard for AXION’s Campana Refinery, taking into consideration strategic definitions, objectives, and key performance indicators.

Intern responsibilities:

  • Read relevant information, including reliability and asset management articles, internal statistics, and oil and gas business papers.
  • Work together with technical specialists and reliability engineers in the development of performance indicators and measuring processes.
  • Determine and collect reliability data in order to complete the analysis.
  • Generate a complete final report including KPI dashboard, indicators datasheet, and measuring processes.

Background required: Mechanical, electrical, or industrial engineer.  Maintenance or reliability experience is recommended.


➔ Refinery Maintenance Scorecard

The maintenance area of AXION Energy’s refinery is responsible for the planning, coordination, and execution of preventive and corrective equipment maintenance.  Currently the key metrics are measured and managed using a dashboard, but there is a need to enhance the existing performance indicators and verify their alignment with the overall maintenance strategy.  The intern will develop a strategic maintenance map, with a corresponding balanced scorecard.  The strategic map should offer a quick and easy visualization of the main maintenance variables, as well as show the dependency relationship between indicators and the corresponding actions to support continuous improvement.  The scorecard should contain the key indicators at each level and their current value.

Intern responsibilities:

  • Read relevant information (scientific papers, internal procedures) and interact with process specialists.
  • Research industry-specific maintenance frameworks, as well as balanced scorecard material.
  • Determine and collect relevant indicators in order to complete the analysis.
  • Generate a complete final report including maps, descriptions, and key performance indicators.

Background required: Mechanical or industrial engineer.  Maintenance knowledge and experience are highly recommended.


➔ Technical-Economic Remediation Systems Study

The intern will work with PAE’s contractor Burgwardt in order to conduct a technical-economic study of different remediation systems and determine the feasibility of their implementation in the basin.  The project will involve an analysis of potential markets and possible applications of these systems in other basins.


➔ Water and Material Supply Logistics Analysis

The intern will work with PAE’s contractor Burgwardt to do a consultancy study on the comprehensive logistics analysis of the water and material supply for drilling, work over, pulling, or other equipment.  The project will result in proposals for operation efficiency improvements, including their technical and economic analysis.


➔ Multilayer Fluvial Reservoirs Waterflooding Simulation

The intern’s project consists of simulating the dynamic model of PAE’s Cerro Dragón field’s waterflooding project located in San Jorge Basin, Argentina.  Cerro Dragón is the largest oil producing field in the country, with 86,0000 acres and a cumulative production of 1.2 billion barrels of oil and 1.8 TCF of gas.  Waterflooding is performed by selectively injecting in a fluvial braided stream reservoirs of 5 to 15 feet thickness, for an average total reservoir porosity of 20%, average permeability of 30 millidarcy, high oil viscosity, and high heterogeneity between reservoirs and within reservoirs, which impacts sweep efficiency and implies a major challenge to identifying increased recovery opportunities.  The project work includes history matching and an evaluation of different development scenarios in order to maximize recovery factor.  The static model will be provided, and the dynamic model will be run in Sahara Software™ (a training course will be given).

Background required: Engineering student who enjoys working with multidisciplinary teams.


➔ Performance Based Reservoir Characterization

The project consists of updating an existing performance-based reservoir characterization of PAE's tight gas reservoir system (TGRS) in Lindero Atravesado field, Neuquén Basin, Argentina.  The intern will integrate multiple data sources (geology, petrophysics, completions, and production) to update the former case study, which was developed from production diagnostics, decline curve analysis, and model-based analysis made in Kappa software™.  Today 97 wells are producing from the mentioned TGRS.  The intern will update the previous model with fresh production and geology data and include and analyze newer infill and delineation wells.  The result will be increased recovery factor actions and a better understanding of future development scenarios, particularly in the context of well configuration (multi-fracture horizontal versus vertical wells) and well spacing.

Background required: Engineering student who enjoys working with multidisciplinary teams.


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