Digital Marketing Firm

This digital marketing firm started in 2015 with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for staying on the cutting edge in the industry. The goal is to go further than the competitors to identify what the clients need by getting to know their business and finding the best strategy to help them achieve their desired results. This is achieved through diligent research about the brand, the competition, and the industry.  In-depth analysis of the market enables the firm to define a work route in which to present actions in the both the short and the long term to reach the proposed goal. Teamwork, honesty, and dedication are the pillars on which the company was founded.

Country: Uruguay
Industry: Communications, PR, & Media; Marketing & Advertising
Sector: For-Profit Company
Office Size: Very small (1 to 10 full-time staff members)

Intern Project Examples:

1 - Marketing and Writing Intern

The intern will carry out project work to help the company to grow in the international market. The aim is to market the company’s services abroad, so the intern will be in charge of writing and creating content for the company’s social media, blog, email marketing campaigns, and press releases.  The intern will also research, identify, and propose other actions in order to attract customers from defined markets. 

Spanish Level Required: Advanced
Academic Background and Technical Skills: The ideal candidate will excel in content writing, management of social media, and inbound marketing.

2 - Research and Analysis Intern

The research intern will support the team responsible for carrying out digital marketing strategies for customers within the Samsung Store for different markets for apps themes, watch faces, and the like. This includes analysis of trends in the European, Asian, North American, and Latin American markets. The intern will be responsible for reporting and proposing actions for each market. At the same time, he or she will support the team in the implementation of the strategies and in the generation of content for the different markets.

Spanish Level Required: Intermediate
Academic Background and Technical Skills: The intern should have an interest in marketing, analytics, social media, writing, and content marketing.

3 - Communications and Social Media Intern

The intern will work together with the Project Manager in strategic planning, implementation, and monitoring of digital campaigns for Latin American clients. The tasks in which the intern will provide support are content development, writing and management of social networks, implementation of paid campaigns on social networks and Google, analysis of social metrics and web with Google Analytics, and reporting. Execution of specific actions will depend on the time of the year oriented to specific objectives previously set by the customer.

Spanish Level Required: Advanced
Academic Background and Technical Skills: The ideal candidate will be an enthusiastic team player with an interest in digital marketing, digital analytics, social media marketing, writing, and content marketing.