Daily News Cooperative

This daily news cooperative was created as an alliance between journalists and critical citizens and as such is managed in a cooperative way. It is the second newspaper in sales in Uruguay, and 80% of its income comes from membership fees. In its twelve years, it has proven itself to be an innovative information company, not only because of its journalistic approach but also for having created its own a marketing channel that allows it to control the entire chain. Some of the priority axes are gender, human rights, minorities, and youth, in addition to disseminating alternative models of development linked to solidarity, economy, cooperation, and entrepreneurship. The paper recognizes that it is positioned within a business industry with high cultural impact and with great challenges ahead: the sale of information is a productive activity, it is also a social function - keeping the citizenry informed - and as such it requires businessmen willing to prioritize the common good over profit. For this reason, it places high strategic importance on continuing to improve a model of collective ownership and self-management in the press sector in alliance with a community of readers.

Country: Uruguay
Industry: Communications, PR, & Media; Education & Teaching; Engineering & Operations
Sector: For-Profit Company
Office Size: Large (more than 50 full-time staff members)

Intern Project Examples:

1 - Journalism Intern

Inspired by experiences such as Verified.mx (Mexico) and projetocomprova.com.br (Brazil), this news cooperative created a coalition of media, academia, and civil society actors in order to improve public debate and provide better input for decision-making during the Uruguayan election campaign of 2019.  Uruguay’s presidential elections will be held in October, so this project is particularly timely.  The project’s specific objectives are the following:

  • Verify the speech of the main politicians and leaders.

  • Detect and reveal false news.

  • Provide informative inputs related to the main themes of the campaign.

  • Investigate the impact of these tools on citizens' decision-making and their ideological positioning.

The student will work with a team of multidisciplinary actors committed to the rigorous verification of all the elements that make up the public discourse and the information ecosystem.  The intern will carry out the following tasks:

  • Detect verifiable phrases in public discourse.

  • Detect images, audios, videos, and viral GIFs in social media.

  • Identify key issues in the news agenda.

  • Verify the public discourse (search and systematization of data, writing notes, publication).

  • Verify possible "false news" (verification of the veracity of images, audios, videos, etc., writing notes, publication).

  • Create content for social media.

  • Discuss content on the web and social networks.

  • Prepare content to send to the news cooperative’s founder and allied media.

Training in the traditional methodology of fact checking for all the members of the team will be provided.

Spanish Level Required: Fluent
Academic Background and Technical Skills: Candidates will have experience in Journalism, Communication, Social Sciences, Economy, Programming and Systems, Graphic and Web Design, and/or Management of Social Media.