Nautical Rental Startup

This online applications allows both national and international tourists to access nautical activities and experiences in order to enjoy spending time on the water year round in all places where nautical options are offered.  The online application links owners of nautical artifacts with tourist users, who have the convenience of searching and comparing prices from a cell phone at any time of the day.

The average boat owner only uses his vessel 15 days per year, and after those days of enjoyment the boat only generates maintenance costs. This site allows boat owners to make a profit simply by publishing their vessel free of charge on the website and waiting for rentals to arrive.

The site launched in January 2018, after a market study and idea development of more than two years. The kickoff was made with a minimum viable product in January 2018. The results of the summer were very encouraging, where more than 100 offers were made in Argentina and Uruguay.  In 2019, business will continue to expand in Argentina and Uruguay, as well as launch in Brazil, where market validation has already shown strong interest in the product.

The startup has closed agreements with companies such as the insurer SURA, ITAU bank, and HERTZ in order to strengthen its presence.  The intern will work closely with two of the founders based in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Country: Uruguay
Industry: Hospitality & Tourism; Entrepreneurship & Startups; Technology & Web Development
Sector: For-Profit Company
Office Size: Very small (1 to 10 full-time staff members)

Intern Project Examples:

1 - Business Development Intern

The intern will develop a business plan for expansion to other markets, such as Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Paraguay that closely parallel what is already being done in Uruguay and Argentina, and, as of March 2019, in Brazil. The goal is to continue reaching all of the South American markets, for which the intern will need to gather country specific information about number of ships, tourist statistics, possible restrictions for operation, forms of payment, and idiosyncrasies of consumers.

Another possible project for the Business Development Intern is to work on B2B (business to business) commercial development. As of now, the company is committed to B2C (business to consumer), but it also has a vision that there is important demand to achieve commercial agreements with businesses and offer options for nautical activities that increase sales.  The intern would explore the potential for expansion with a B2B model, will conduct initial research on potential clients, and will work closely with two of the company’s founders to prepare pitches and proposals for this new client outreach.

A third possible project is for the intern to further develop B2C commercial development. the company seeks to improve and increase the actions being taking today, to reach more consumers, and understand their needs.  The intern would analyze the current B2C strategy of the company, review best practices used by similar companies in other sectors and other countries, and prepare recommendations to present to the company’s founders.

Spanish Level Required: Advanced
Academic Background and Technical Skills: The ideal candidate will have experience in data analysis, social media experience, project management, client relations, research, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, problem solving, marketing, finance, and business.

2 - Graphic and Web Design Intern

The intern will be asked to make changes and improvements to the frontend of the company’s website in order to give it more life and freshness. For marketing actions, the intern will be asked to conceptualize design of frames for advertising and dissemination, as well as brochures, t-shirts, hats, and business gifts. Also, the intern will be asked to make improvements and changes to the company’s logo.

Spanish Level Required: Basic
Academic Background and Technical Skills: The ideal candidate will have social media experience, critical thinking and interpersonal skills, and problem solving.