Housing Development Nonprofit

This nonprofit organization promotes access to adequate housing for the most vulnerable populations. Through the organization’s projects, they offer families living in inadequate conditions the opportunity to manage a solution to their housing problem.  The organization also promotes human and community development to ensure a sustainable solution over time. The type of solutions can be: loans to build or improve housing; technical legal assistance for self-assisted building; and regulated rents.

Country: Argentina
Industry: Development & Sustainability; Engineering & Operations
Sector: Nonprofit Organization
Office Size: Small (11 to 30 full-time staff members)

Intern Project Examples:

1 - Communications Intern

The Communications Intern will carry out projects related to the following responsibilities:

  • Draft content and create media assets to keep the NGO top of mind with the press, influencers, lawmakers, and prospective donors and volunteers;

  • Assist in coordinating the production of campaign materials;

  • Coordinate and promote public relation events and campaigns;

  • Monitor and manage social media, including answering questions, creating content,

  • analyzing trends, and resolving issues;

  • Develop and proactively pitch story ideas;

  • Create content for our email newsletter;

  • Monitor and report on the effectiveness of the communications program.

Spanish Level Required: Intermediate
Academic Background and Technical Skills: Familiarity with social media platforms. Good knowledge of design tools, such as Illustrator or Photoshop. Good knowledge of video editing, not essential but an advantage. Ability to work in a small, high performing team. Creativity, communication, and teamwork skills.

2 - Fundraising Intern

  • Inspire new supporters to raise money, while maintaining and developing relationships with existing supporters;

  • Approach individuals, schools, universities, local authorities, shops, and commercial organizations for sponsorship and donations;

  • Develop new fundraising ideas and strategies;

  • Participate in groups of international volunteers that come to help and build with the nonprofit’s beneficiary families for a whole week;

  • Assist in organizing and attending fundraising events for senior donors;

  • Prepare materials for charitable events, such as fundraising envelopes, bid sheets, or gift bags;

  • Manage and update databases to record donor contact and preference information.

Spanish Level Required: Advanced
Academic Background and Technical Skills: The ideal candidate will have strong communications skills, resourcefulness, creative thinking, a sensitivity to the needs of volunteers and donors, and a willingness to carry out a range of administrative tasks.

3 - Project Coordination Intern

  • Act as a “team-leader” in order to coordinate different groups of on-site volunteers.

  • Monitor, evaluate, and record the nonprofit’s families’ construction progress, according to measurable goals.

  • Teach workshops for families to develop particular technical skills.

  • Assist in the supervision and organization of groups of international volunteers.

  • Assist in the response of crisis situations such as floods.

Spanish Level Required: Intermediate
Academic Background and Technical Skills: The ideal candidate will have very good problem-solving skills, excellent time-management skills, and solid interpersonal skills.  This position is particularly well suited for students who are architects and social workers.

4 - Accounting and finance Intern

The Accounting and Administration Intern is part of and provides their assistance to the Administration Department. The nonprofit is a transparent organization that practices the sound stewardship of resources, which is why the objective of this position is to make the administrative procedures more efficient so that more families can be given the opportunity to address their housing situation.

  • Accounting: Provide assistance with the migration of information to the new financial management software (SunSystem); elaborate and implement the set up of the new accounting system; assist with the reconciliation of asset, liability, revenue, and expense accounts.

  • Purchases: Assure the efficiency of the purchases procedures by searching for suppliers, asking for quotations, analyzing and comparing current suppliers, controlling stock and previous orders.

  • Administration: Improve administrative procedures through the composition and actualization of tutorials, documents, and forms.

  • Internal Control: Check and control the compliance requirements of records and sensitive documentation.

    Spanish Level Required: Advanced
    Academic Background and Technical Skills: Knowledge of basic principles and practices of accounting and finance. Ability to work independently and in a team. Detail oriented. Good verbal and written communication skills. Proficient in Microsoft Office applications. Strong organizational skills and administrative capabilities.