Education Development Foundation

A nonprofit organization established to improve the education standards in the world.  The mission of this foundation is for each child to have a great teacher.  With this objective, the foundation actively works to develop educators’ skills and to place higher value on their role.  The fundamental belief is that if the quality of teaching is guaranteed, the results will improve.

Country: Argentina
Industry: Education & Teaching
Sector: Nonprofit Organization
Office Size: Small (11 to 30 full-time staff members)

Intern Project Examples:

1 - Graphic & Web Design Intern

The intern will develop content for courses on an e-learning platform.  Creation of promotional videos and sessions for online courses about leadership and innovation topics for teachers of all levels.  This will be a joint project, conducted together with experts from the organization.

Spanish Level Required: Advanced
Academic Background and Technical Skills: Students of design. Knowledge of design software, video editing, graphic pieces, animations.  The ideal candidate will have experience in designing instructional courses online.         

2 - Monitoring & Evaluation Intern

Within the Monitoring and Evaluation area, the foundation conducts a wide variety of surveys from the current participants, former participants, and teams of teachers from all over the country. Then reports, research, and presentations on the results of the organization’s programs are generated. The intern who joins this project will carry out an analysis of the information received in the responses of the different surveys, in order to present conclusions in projects and publications.

Spanish Level Required: Fluent
Academic Background and Technical Skills: Knowledge and advanced handling of Excel, Stata, Tableau. Studies in Economics, Administration, Education and Public Policies and the like.

3 - Process Analyst Intern

The intern will improve the standard operating procedures in the Foundation’s key administrative areas, including Finances, Human Resources, and Operations.  The intern will review and analyze existing procedures, consolidate and arrange information in the systems, and present new projects.

Spanish Level Required: Fluent
Academic Background and Technical Skills: Studies in Administration, Economics, Human Resources. Advanced management of Excel, PowerPoint, accounting systems and databases.