E-Commerce Development Startup

A “marketplace as a service” business that offers an integral and innovative solution adapted to the needs of each of its customers.  The company offers diverse and comprehensive services to its clients to help manage their e-commerce in a turnkey fashion, via promotions, logistics, customer service, marketing, technology, and payment management.  The company is in the startup stage and so is in constant movement; the company’s objectives change and thus so do the work tasks.  The company is not at all static, but it is instead incredibly dynamic and is always striving for more.  The work environment is relaxed but very entertaining.

Country: Argentina
Industry: Entrepreneurship & Startups; Technology & Web Development; Engineering & Operations
Sector: For-Profit Company
Office Size: Small (11 to 30 full-time staff members)

Intern Project Examples:

1 - Coordination & Service Intern

Possible projects for customer engagement interns:

  • Research possible tools, software, and platforms for the customer service team, and make recommendations for which alternatives should be used to improve customer service.

  • Research client loyalty programs and identify best practices for how to launch and manage them.  Leveraging this research, develop a proposal for a client loyalty program, pitch it to the senior team, and plan its implementation.

Spanish Level Required: Intermediate
Academic Background and Technical Skills: Initiative, strong planning skills, ability to understand customers’ needs.

2 - Graphic & Web Design Intern

The intern will create a brand manual for the company in order to ensure that branding is incorporated into all of its communications and actions in a thoughtful, detailed, and coherent way.  The intern will then adapt the content and communications materials to align with the new brand manual.

Spanish Level Required: Basic
Academic Background and Technical Skills: Creativity, design skills, marketing knowledge.

3 - Marketing & Writing Intern

Develop the strategy and content for a marketing campaign, implement the campaign, and measure its success based on key indicators.  The intern will coordinate with the commercial team to decide what products could be published in order to design and manage the campaign. 

Spanish Level Required: Basic
Academic Background and Technical Skills: Creativity, marketing knowledge, results oriented focus, commercial spirit.

4 - Research & Analysis Intern

Collect and interpret the company’s data (on users, purchases, website usage) through statistical analysis.  Craft dashboards and graphics in order to show the results and findings in a logical and easy to use manner.  Each of the teams will use the resulting dashboards and graphics in their own way, so the findings must be presented in a way to allow diverse usage.

Spanish Level Required: Advanced
Academic Background and Technical Skills: Statistics knowledge, results oriented focus, strong organizational skills, analytic mind, critical thinking.