Corporate Governance Law Firm

This law firm with public and private organizations in the design, implementation, and evaluation of policies to strengthen their governance and regulatory compliance systems. The firm complements preventive programs with legal assistance in multiple jurisdictions, litigation strategies for the recovery of assets, and collective action initiatives aimed at remedying unfair competition, corruption risks, and other market failures. With extensive experience in reform and institutional strengthening in Latin America, the firm also helps companies to become inserted into the Argentine market.  Additionally, they develop research projects on corporate governance, anticorruption, and anti-money-laundering.  The firm is eager to work with interns who are highly responsible, creative, enthusiastic, and open minded.

Country: Argentina
Industry: Law & Human and Civil Rights; Government & Public Policy
Sector: For-Profit Company
Office Size: Very small (1 to 10 full-time staff members)

Intern Project Examples:

1 - Research & Analysis Intern

The intern will work directly with the firm’s partners in order to conduct research on either academic or professional projects that the firm is currently conducting on governance reform, institutional strengthening, corporate governance, anticorruption, or other related topics.

Spanish Level Required: Intermediate
Academic Background and Technical Skills: Academic research skills applied to anticorruption policies; understanding legal documents, regulations, and cases; performing literature review; systematizing legal or operational standards; writing briefs and internal memos.

2 - Business Development Intern

The intern will help the firm widen the scope of its operations by reaching new clients through assisting in business intelligence strategies.

Spanish Level Required: Intermediate
Academic Background and Technical Skills: To thrive in this role, interns will only need interest in the development of the legal profession and, above all, enthusiasm!

2 - Communications & Social Media Intern

The intern will help the firm improve and expand the reach of its newsletter and social media posts.  The intern will work to improve the social media strategy, brainstorm content ideas, and draft posts and content in order to better disseminate the firm’s work and media appearances.

Spanish Level Required: Advanced
Academic Background and Technical Skills: Interns will need creativity, legal and policy analysis, writing skills, and social media understanding.