Internship Site Portal


Welcome to the Puentes Adventure!

We are delighted that you are interested in having international interns join your team through the Puentes Abroad internship program.  We know that the experience will be enriching for your office and for the young professional who you host.

This Portal provides important information to guide you through the process before the intern arrives, during the internship, and after the intern's departure.  We encourage you to review the Portal sections listed below in full.


Our expectations for the internship site and for the intern.


An outline of how is the setup to host an intern, what happens before the intern arrives, and what takes place during and after the internship.

Intern Project Design

Important recommendations on how to conceptualize and craft a compelling and useful intern project, with examples of possible intern projects.

SUBMIT Site Profile

A detailed description of your organization or company, the possible intern projects in your office, and your ideal candidate profile.

UPDATE Site Profile

Update your site profile so that we can ensure that all of your intern roles and preferences continue to be listed correctly.

Candidate Interviews

A review of how we find candidates for you and the internship application and matching process.

Intern Confirmation

The steps to take once an intern is confirmed for your office in order to set the stage for success.

Internship Oversight

The ongoing oversight provided by the internship supervisor and the Puentes staff to ensure a positive experience for all.


Complete the evaluation to give us feedback on your experience hosting an intern through Puentes.


Words of praise from our current internship site partners on why they enjoy hosting interns through Puentes.