Intern Confirmation

Upon confirming an intern in your office, we move forward in aligning all expectations and finalizing the project work plan for the intern so that we are setting the stage for a successful internship experience.


Preference Collection and Match Offers

After you have interviewed candidates, we collect both your feedback and the preferences of the candidates, since typically each applicant interviews at several internship sites in order to allow for options and to help to ensure a match.  Once we receive the rankings from you and from the other internship sites, we will tell the candidates of their placement options.  The candidates normally have up two weeks to make their decision and accept or decline the position, although some timelines may vary based on the student's university program's dates. 


Match acceptance and confirmation

When a placement is confirmed, Puentes reconnects the candidate with the confirmed internship site supervisor to complete a Commitment Form, which will be emailed to you and the intern as a dynamic Google Docs Form.  The Commitment Form outlines goals, expectations, and details for the internship so that all expectations are aligned before the internship begins  Completing the Commitment Form is a key step in setting the stage for a successful internship.  We have found that, if the intern's and supervisor's expectations are discussed thoroughly and the work plan is designed together, all parties are aligned and ready to hit the ground running once the intern arrives to the office.  We ask that you have a pre-arrival phone call with your intern once the internship is confirmed so that you can discuss together the following key pieces of information before you insert them into the Commitment Form.

Information to be completed on the Commitment Form: 

  • Direct Supervisor: Who will be the internship site staff member to organize the work plan for the intern, train him or her upon arrival, and provide day-to-day supervision through the internship?

  • Mentor: Is there anyone else in the office who will be providing additional oversight, guidance, or mentoring for the intern throughout the internship?

  • Internship dates, work days, work hours: On what dates will the intern start and end the internship? Most internships are eight to twelve weeks in duration, but the exact dates are agreed upon by the intern and you. What days of the week and hours of the day will the intern work? Please be as specific as possible on the work days and hours so that the intern is not left guessing when to be at the office (instead of "every day, with 30 hours a week," write "Monday to Friday, from 10am to 4pm daily").

  • Project Description: As outlined in Expectations, the focus of the internship should be a specific project or projects, which the intern leads and concludes during the duration of the internship. We ask that the project be designed to directly contribute to one of the organization’s key work areas so that the intern gains real experience and know-how through substantial, mission-driven work, while the internship site benefits from the valuable, targeted work output. We recommend that you review our guide on Intern Project Design to have further insight into the type of work that our interns seek and can do. Please provide as much detail as possible on the project work so that all expectations are clearly set before the internship begins.

  • Anticipated Product/Outcome: What is the expected result of the project? You can even map out what deliverables or goals should be met every two weeks during the internship so that work plan has built in objectives that contribute to the final product or outcome.

  • Any Special Considerations: Are there any other key components of the internship or important expectations to share?