Internship Process Overview

At Puentes, we are committed to working with you closely to help you find a well-designed and well-structured internship with meaningful work and close supervision.  You can read more about our Internship Methodology here.

This Applicant Portal is built to help guide you through the internship matching and placement process.  The following steps are outlined in the Applicant Portal's pages:


1 - Review the Internship Portfolio

Through our deep local connections and professional insights, we have developed an extensive and diverse internship portfolio with internship opportunities ranging from educational and human rights nonprofits to healthcare agencies and tech companies - with many other high-performing nonprofits, government agencies, and businesses in between.  As the first step in the internship placement process, we invite you to explore in detail the Puentes Internship Portfolio so that you can get to know the internship opportunities available in Buenos Aires for you.


2 - Share Your Internship INTERESTs

After diving into the Internship Portfolio, we ask that you share with us your internship interests, including an initial ranking of which internship sites most excite you, so that we can help to find the ideal internship placement for you. 


3 - Interview with Internship Sites

Based upon your application materials, your internship interests, and the criteria of the internship sites, you will be referred to select internship sites for interviews.  In these conversations, the internship site will get to know more about you, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions.  After you finish the interview process, the Puentes staff will collect your internship preferences and the internship site preferences.  


4 - Confirm your internship

You will be notified once you have an internship match or matches, and we will ask you to accept or decline the internship placement.  Upon accepting an internship, Puentes will formally confirm the internship assignment and connect you with your future supervisor to complete a Commitment Form to outline goals, expectations, and details for the internship.  Prior to your departure for Argentina, we will finalize program plans and share important pre-departure information.


+ explore Funding Opportunities

At Puentes we understand that funding is an important piece to the internship abroad adventure.  To help put this puzzle piece in place, please review our Funding Opportunity Resources.