Funding Opportunities

At Puentes we understand that funding is an important piece to the internship abroad adventure.  To help put this puzzle piece in place, we are pleased to share both internal and external funding resources.


Puentes Scholarship Contest

Internally from Puentes, we have an annual Scholarship Contest to help make our program possible for participants seeking to impact the world as global citizens.  Each year we offer one complete scholarship to cover 100% of the Puentes program fee and one partial scholarship to cover 50% of the Puentes program fee.  You can find out more about the Puentes Scholarships requirements and application process at the button below.


Refer a Friend discount

If you refer a friend for Puentes and he or she participates in the same calendar year as you, your friend and you will each get a 10% discount on the program fee for your Puentes internship program. Share the adventure of interning abroad with your friend and get a discount for you both!


To help fund your Puentes adventure, we have compiled a list of potential external scholarships, grants, and scholarship databases that support global internship programs such as Puentes.  We also recommend that you speak with your university's study abroad and career services offices, as well as your academic department of study, in order to explore their funding opportunities. 

Scholarships aligned with the Puentes Internship Program:

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship: Up to US$5,000 awards for undergraduate, U.S. citizens to intern abroad.  Students must be Pell Grant Recipients and receive academic credit for the internship.

Boren Scholarship: Up to US$8,000 award for STEM summer programs.  Preference given to students working in countries critical to U.S. foreign affairs interests.

Foundation for Global Scholars: Grants offered to U.S. undergraduates pursuing for-credit academic and internship programs abroad.  Scholarship preference given to students deemed underrepresented in study abroad.

Fund for Education Abroad: Scholarships for U.S. undergraduates spending at least 30 days in a study abroad or global internship program.  Preference given to non-traditional destinations and students with demonstrated financial need.  FEA also offers a number of more specific, dedicated scholarships.

GoldenKey Study Abroad Scholarship: US$5,000 scholarships for undergraduate and post-graduate students to pursue for-credit international programs of their own choosing.

Sara’s Wish Scholarships: Up to US$10,000 awards for young women with a commitment to global public service and leadership who seek to work or intern abroad.

Additional Scholarship Search Engines:

Cappex: A search engine that offers ample scholarship opportunities and financial advice to undergraduates who create an account.

CIEE Global Scholarships and Grants: An organization that categorizes grants as ‘need-based’ versus ‘merit-based’ to provide aspiring global ambassadors funding for international experiences.

Chegg: A website that compiles scholarships that are creative, easy, and fun to apply for and win (ie: Weekly Three Sentence Essay Scholarship). By creating a username and profile, the site finds and notifies the students of scholarships that are specifically relevant to them.

Fastweb Scholarships: A free resource that lists thousands of monetary awards and tailors the search to students’ needs and interests; mainly geared towards funding for US citizens or residents.

iScholarship Grants: A scholarship search engine that lists thousands of scholarships and customizes the search to students’ needs and interests; mainly geared towards funding for UK and Commonwealth students. A database that catalogs about 3.7 million college scholarships and grants and matches student profiles to relevant funding opportunities.